Management & Policies

< The Advisory Council at Adarsh Group of Institutions is a fine amalgamation of experts from academics and leaders from industry – providing direction to the teaching methodology and ensuring that the learning is in tune with industry requirements.

Administrative Policies

  • Casual Leaves to the extent of 5 days to be granted by Principal / Director. Exceeding 5 days, should be approved by Executive Secretary.
  • Heads (Principals & Directors) entitled for 30 days Earned Leaves in a year.
  • Faculty to take vacation in odd semester to even 15 days, vacation in even to add 21 days vacation.
  • Examination duty is compulsory even during vacation. Swapping of duties is not permitted. In emergencies permission of Principal /Director required.
  • Valuation should be done only after completion of classes in the college.
  • Movement Register should be filled compulsorily, failing which absence will be treated as Loss of Pay.
  • Presence on the first day, the last day of any consecutive Holidays/vacation is mandatory failing which would be treated as LOPs on all the days including holidays / vacation.
  • Maternity Leave should be proved for permanent employee for two months after completing of 1 year of service.
  • A matrix would be sent to faculty to avail vacation. Vacations would be from Sunday to Sunday. The matrix would help the examination superintendent to allot duties.
  • 50% of faculty members should be present in a department during the vacation period.
  • Matrix once made would not be changed unless approved by Principal in emergency cases.

HR Policies of the Adarsh Vidya Sangh Regarding Staff

Recruitment Policies:

  • A detailed and transparent recruitment policy is followed and is already mentioned in the quality manual.


  • Commensurate Salary as per Qualification & Experience.
  • Perquisites – PF, Paid Vacations.
  • Extra Payment for Additional Teaching work Classes other than the regular allotment

Employee Benefits – NOT FOR PROBATIONERS

  • 2 Months Salary will be given as Loan without interest to Staff Members who have completed two years of Service in this Institution. This will be deducted in 10 equal installments. In a month only 2 loan requisitions will be considered (on priority basis) and the loan letters have to be signed by the respective Principal and forwarded to the Executive Secretary. Staff members can avail this facility once in two years.
  • If any members of the staff has served for more than 5 years and has to undergo major/ emergency surgeries, then five months salary / or any amount not exceeding one lakh will be given as loan to meet the expenses. This applies only to the concerned Staff Members and not for the Family members. This discretionary power lies with Principal/Director in consultation with the Management and terms and conditions apply. The amount will be deducted in twenty equal installments
  • Post surgery leave will be considered as follows: - If the leave is for more than a month, then the first month - full salary will be given. Second month - 15 days salary will be given. The above Salary compensation of both the months will be given on resuming the duty along with that month's salary and not during the leave period.
  • Facilities have been provided to promote higher education

Retention Policies:

  • Promotions – Depending on the number of years served in this Institution, and the added Educational qualifications, lecturers will be upgraded.
  • Facilitation of Higher Education (M.Phil & Ph.D.)
  • After completion of higher degrees and submission of Certificates, Commensurate increase in increment will be done.
  • Proportionate Salary increment will be given only based on Principal's/Director's/ Personal appraisal/Students feed back.

Grievance Redressal:

  • Cell Formed
  • Women Cell Formed
  • Counselling Cell Formed
  • Ragging Cell Formed