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Adarsh Evening College


A stepping stone to the aspirants of commerce.

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Bachelor of Commerce (

The Department of Commerce offers a 4 year regular B.Com course of Bengaluru City University. The course is divided into 8 semesters. A degree in commerce opens up opportunities in higher education for graduates to pursue Master’s level courses. This course focuses on the factors that drive economic and social behavior at both an individual and organization level.

The Regular B.Com course caters to students who desire to build their professional competence with specialized knowledge in the field of Commerce. When you graduate from our college you will possess an understanding of values and attitudes consistent with your role as a citizen and a member of your professional community.

Value Added Programs

Tally Prime with GST
Certified Program

Tally Prime with GST

Tally is a well-known accounting and spending tracking program, and the training of tally ranges from one month to two years, with Tally Certification and Diploma available. Tally Course is a top-rated course that teaches students about GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting.

Tally courses are accounting software that is very useful for doing calculations in small and medium-sized businesses. Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards is a common shorthand. This tool may be used to do all banking, auditing, and accounting procedures. Tally's computer course capabilities allow you to record company transactions quickly and easily. Create and manage vouchers, masters, and reports to document business transactions. It helps you manage all of your company's critical accounting operations.

Tally Computer Course Key Features

  1. Schedule adaptability
  2. Tally Live and Classroom Training 
  3. Tally Industry Recognized Certificate 
  4. Placement Assistance Following Tally Course
Advanced Microsoft Excel & Data Analytics
Certified Program

Advanced Microsoft Excel & Data Analytics

Our EXCEL ADVANCED course will give you a solid understanding of the advanced data analysis tools and concepts in Excel

You'll acquire a highly impressive array of data analysis skills, including What-If Scenarios, PivotTables, Pivot Charts, HLOOKUPs, VLOOKUPs and basic Macros Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals - Outlining and Grouping Data - Using the Subtotals Tool.

With this course you'll enter the world of analysing your data, using your spreadsheets to interpret, illuminate and present your data in a whole new way.
Soft skill Training Program (SSTP)
Certified Program

Soft skill Training Program (SSTP)

Soft Skills Training programs that helps create a Confident, Organized, Efficient and Adaptable workforce. Soft skills are the nurturing of your innate personal development. These skills enhance the ability to; Negotiate, Network, Resolve Conflicts and Develop Cohesiveness etc.