Adarsh Alumni

I have wonderful, special memories of my college and my teachers. During the two years, I have learnt a lot about the subjects and also about life. The teachers are friendly, and teach by understanding the mindset of students. They not only give importance to studies, but also encourage other talents such as music, dance, sports, yoga, crafts etc. The best thing I liked about the college is that the special students are also encouraged to mingle and study along with normal students, by giving equal opportunities to them.

We feel proud to say that we are "Adarshites", students of Adarsh college.
- Kavitha

Adarsh is a place where you find caring teachers & friends. An institution which supports and helps physically challenged students who mingle with everyone just like any other normal student. Teachers here understand and help you through your highs and lows and even grind you to work on the right direction for a better future. An institution where extra curricular activities are important as the academics.

One of the finest and reputed colleges I've come across.
- Vatsal

I just completed my PU from SRN Adarsh College .My experience in these two years was amazing I was surrounded by the people who had really helped me .The teaching staff was really good .All of my teachers were highly qualified and that is the reason they could teach us so well and they made even a difficult chapter was very comfortable and easy to understand .They really helped us in every situation and every manner and so I really thank all my teaching staff from PU for helping us. 2 years of pu has meant to us and I thank them for being very much supportive and making us understand even in this pandemic time when we couldn't attend regular classes inspite of that our of that teacher took so much courage and started taking class through zoom online classes so that our studies didn't get disturbed

I am Lahari. H. studying in SRN Adarsh College. Thank you for giving this golden opportunity to tell a few words about my college. My college is the best college with best facilities like campus, wide classroom, labs, ground, etc. and also with the best lectures. Their style of teaching is very easy to understand and all the teachers are very friendly. .

I would recommend all my Juniors to join our college.

I enjoyed very much in SRN Adarsh pu college . I was very happy with the teaching and garden in the college and even the ground is good for playing sports and many others indoor games were there for us to play in the college many facilities were provided by teachers They repeated the topic many times for students and helped each student to learn better.
- Anish Khatri

SRN Adarsh College has a good learning environment which offers a safe platform for learners.

The college Environment is broadly characterized by its facilities. Classrooms , disciplinary policies and practices are good. In my college teachers are like friends who help us in all our troubles. This makes the student to learn the subject in a better manner. Especially during online classes they taught us very well. Even competitions were also conducted in online itself This motivated students a lot. Especially notes were given which made us feel easy to study as compared to textbooks and guides. Teachers care the students during their difficult times also. Most importantly a good teacher is one who does not focus on our academic performance but our overall development. When we enter college, teachers become our friends and our role models. They inspire us to do great things in our life. One of the finest and reputed colleges I've come across.

Adarsh is one of the Best management colleges in Bangalore Karnataka. Founded in 1971. Adarsh college is a reputed educational establishment located at chamarajpet in Bengaluru.

First of all I thank u so much for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself I am POOJA.P let me tell you about my college. The college days are called the golden days of man's life. The students are concerned with playing, studying and eating. That's why the old people remember the days of college with feelings of pleasures. Pride and sense of loss. The principal charm of college life lies in an atmosphere of freedom. At school level the students have to work on the guide lines provided by the teachers. The rod of the teachers always hangs heavy on the head of the students. But in the colleges the students move feel and act with freedom. They feel independent to think and do anything. The professors are friendly; they respect the student and try to develop their self-respect.

Yet to be continued ....
- Pooja P

I am POOJA JAIN. Adarsh is a place where you can showcase yourself. I have a very sweet memory of my college.

The infrastructure and the facilities in our college are very good. It has excellent teaching faculty well equipped labs, classrooms, library and the sports room. In all I can say Adarsh college is the best to enjoy your college life.

I am MAHENDRA PATEL . I really got a very great opportunity to join SRN Adarsh college. In our college we have the excellent faculty members that they train us very well. A very supportive Principal is there to guide us in every moment. We have nice classrooms, well equipped labs, library, playground, sports room etc. I really wonder that how I completed these two years and the memories i never forget. Thanks to Adarsh.

I am a 2nd PU student, I have passed my boards exam this year from this college and I am glad to be a part of this college . The infrastructure of the college is very good, the laboratories & libraries are well equipped.

There are different types of extra curricular activities available at our college. The Faculty team is very good. They give sufficient time to go through the lessons and doubts are cleared regularly.

The classes are lively and interactive.
- Hritika Jana