Adarsh School. Best School in South Bangalore



[ A Unit of Adarsh Group of Institutions ]

‘A’ grade awarded by PUE Board, Govt. of Karnataka

(Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka)



[ A Unit of Adarsh Group of Institutions ]

‘A’ grade awarded by PUE Board, Govt. of Karnataka

(Recognized by Govt. of Karnataka)


Science lab

The Institution has a well equipped laboratory that nurtures a spirit of curiosity, allowing students to explore the concept learned in class room and provide space where theory transforms into tangible learning experience, paving the way for future scientist and innovators.

Computer Lab

  • CCTV – All classrooms and premises are equipped with cctv.
  • Digital classrooms available
  • Well equiped computer lab


Never Keep your stomach empty, and ensure what you fill it with is both, nutritious and safe. Having said that, we also would like to add another fact that cafeteria also gives you some really lip – smacking treat, for you to sit once in a while.

The Adarsh Cafeteria is one such place where students hang around during their break or off periods and have a fun time. The Cafeteria has become a social interaction joint for the student populace where they can eat and drink anything and everything which ranges from 150 different mouth watering servings at an incredibly low cost yet without compromise on quality.

Science Labs

Labs are a must when it comes to the Science Department. We have very well-equipped Science Laboratories, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, and computer science.

Students have the access to these labs and attend in batches along with the respective lecturer, where the concepts are made clear and hands-on experience will be given to the students for a thorough understanding of the topic.

Our Labs are spacious with all the required materials, instruments, chemical reagents, specimens

The Department of Chemistry has a neatly designed, spacious chemistry lab with all the equipment, chemical reagents, and glassware. The chemistry laboratory creates a safe, productive, and hazard-free environment to increase efficiency and promote curiosity and learning among students.

The Department of Physics has an enormous Physics lab that includes all the equipment necessary for the students to carry out the experiments. To name a few we have measuring equipment · meter scale · vernier calliper · screw gauge · stop clock · triple beam balance · digital balance and others in our Physics Laboratory.

The Department of Biology has all the required apparatus and facilities to align with the curriculum and learning requirements of the students. Biology Lab has the equipment, specimens, charts, and instruments such as microscopes, etc…which support and enhance the knowledge of students.

The Department of Electronics has a very well-maintained Electronic Lab with all the required equipment and instruments.

The Department of Computer Science has a spacious Computer Lab consisting of enough systems for each of the students to work. The computers are updated with latest version of the software required for learning purposes. One can witness the integration of technology into the curriculum in our Computer Labs.


Sitadevi Ratanchand Nahar Adarsh College is having a huge indoor auditorium with a professionally-deployed acoustic system and a seating capacity of about 96 people. Our auditorium has an immense pride of having hosted various conferences, workshops and seminars. Our auditorium has all the facilities to enhance the learning process and is a vast space that serves the varied requirements of quality education. To make this possible, our auditorium offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens for delivering lectures. It also provides ample opportunity for our staff and students to exhibit their talents in cultural activities. Our auditorium is sound proof and have centralized Air conditioning. It is equipped with sound system, high quality video systems, lighting facility, projectors and comfortable cushioned chairs. They are planned and designed to conduct extra- curricular activities, technical fests, guest lectures, and convocation programme in grandeur.


Gym is a popular way for people to stay fit, healthy, and active. A gym typically offers a variety of equipment and facilities that cater to different fitness goals and preferences.

Gym workouts, especially cardio exercises, can help burn calories and aid in weight management. This can help reduce the risk of obesity and related health issues. Resistance training and stretching exercises at the gym can improve flexibility, range of motion, and mobility in joints and muscles.

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Outdoor & Indoor games

Keep the stress away, Develop and nurture your cognitive skills. … Increase your productivity, Enhances Fitness, Encourages Creativity Improves Hand-Eye Coordination, Lowers blood pressure.

Outdoor sports require a combination of different types of fitness, including cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, agility,  and balance. Cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, and other similar sports

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court under organized rules.