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The Inauguration of ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ , cultural fest for High school students, was held on 27.11.2023 in the college premises. Hon. Secretary of Adarsh Vidya Sangh Shree Jitendra Maradia presided over the function. The Principal Dr. S. Prashanth welcomed the gathering. Dr. Pragya Yadav, Principal of K.H.S. Adarsh Highschool, was the Chief Guest. Dr. Manoj Jain, academic Dean for AGI, was present on the stage. ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ consists of various events which take place for three days – 27th, 28th and 29th of November 2023.

Shree Jitendra Maradia, in his presidential address, pointed out that ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ is an opportunity for high school students to showcase their talents and also to visit our Campus and feel how Adarsh is different from other colleges.

Dr. Pragya Yadav, chief guest of Adarsh Akarshan, addressed the participants and motivated them. Madam stressed the importance of personality development in the educational journey of a student. She advised the students to learn how to work in a team and to develop leadership qualities which would benefit in their future career. She also pointed out that exhibiting sportsman spirit is important rather than winning or losing. She further declared that Adarsh Group of Institutions is committed for the holistic development of all the students. Madam also wished the best to all the participants or aspirants.

Smt. Vidya Shreekanth, lecturer in Biology, introduced the Chief Guest. Dr. K. Mallikarjun, lecturer in Kannada expressed the vote of thanks. Smt. Deepa Sheshadri, lecturer in English anchored the function.

More than 500 students from various high schools participated enthusiastically in the fest ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ under the guidance of their teachers in the following events:

Science Exhibition
Dumb Charads
Table Tennis
Group Singing
PowerPoint Presentation
Hair Styling
Volley Ball


Group Dance Competition was held on 29.11.2023 in the Prayer Hall as a part of ‘Adarsh Akarshan’. There were 5 troupes from different high schools who gave stiff competition. All the troupes performed as well as entertained the spectators.


The Valedictory Function of ‘ADARSH AKARSHAN’ was held on 29.11.2023 at the college premises. The function was presided over by Shree Padamraj Mehta, Hon. President of Adarsh Group of Institutions.  Shree. Shivanand,  and Shree. Sateesh, Police Sub-Inspectors at K.G. Nagar Police Station were the Chief Guests. Shree. Jitendra Maradia, Hon. Secretary , AGI, Shree. Sanjay Dhariwal, Vice-president of AGI, Dr. Manoj Jain, Dean, and Dr. S. Prashanth, Principal of S.R.N. Adarsh P.U. and Degree College were present on the stage.

The Chief Guest Shree. Shivanand addressed the gathering and motivated them. Sir asked the students to follow the advice of their teachers and parents. He also advised them not to fall into bad habits so that their future would be bright.

The Hon. Secretary Shree. Jitendra Maradia addressed the gathering and congratulated all the participants and winners. Sir  informed that Adarsh College celebrates ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ every year and the students can participate and win prizes. Sir pointed out that the winners shouldn’t forget the fact that they were able to compete because of the losers. He wished the best to all the students.

The Vice-president Shree. Sanjay Dhariwal addressed the gathering and inspired them by giving his own life as an example of how participation in such competitions can change the course of one’s life.

The Principal Dr. S. Prashanth welcomed the guests and the gathering.

All the staff members of the college and the student volunteers of our college were present who made the event a very successful one.


The Fest ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ attracted many participants from different high schools and it was the day for the prize winners. The winners received prizes and certificates from the Chief Guests, the Secretary, the vice-president, the Dean and the Principal. All the participants received the certificates. They were jubilant as they were rewarded for their efforts.

Thus ‘Adarsh Akarshan’ , a colourful fest came to an end on 29.11.2023. It was a very successful programme held under the guidance of the principal Dr. S. Prashanth.