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About Divyangjan

You Learn, I Learn, Even Deaf Learn in AGI!

Education for Divyangjan

S.R.N. Adarsh College stands unique in India as there is an inclusive study for the Divyangjan students. The students, who are deaf and dumb, can study in this college from P.U.C. to P.G. They are made to sit with the normal students and are taught with the help of the interpreters. They participate in all the activities conducted for the students.


The Management of Adarsh Vidya Sangh took a bold step in admitting the students who were dumb and deaf way back in 2006. Ever since it has been supporting the divyangjan students for their educational causes. It is purely one of the social services of the management. Hundreds of students have studied P.U.C. and Degree because of the philanthropic principles of the Management. Adarsh College has special concern towards the Hearing Impaired Students which prompted to offer quality education to these children in the year 2007 with 1 student, this inspiring journey started and slowly began to expand from 1 to 6 in 2008, to 25-30 students in PU and Degree in present academic year.

This initiative has been appreciated and applauded by our Governor, Thawar Chand Gehlot, on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Adarsh College in the year 2022.


The Divyangjan students are offered the following courses

Commerce with S.E.B.A. combination.

B.Com and B.C.A.



Deaf and Dumb students are taught by qualified Interpreters who are well-versed in sign Language.  Adarsh PU and Degree College has Normal Interpreter as well as person with Hearing Impaired Interpreters. These students sit and learn with regular students in regular classrooms. They feel that they are one among all. These special students are loved, cared and motivated here!


The students are provided with the hostel or P.G. facility at many places in Bengaluru. Some students are accommodated through the N.G.Os.


‘Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.’ S.R.N. Adarsh College provides an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents. Many students have participated in various competitions and achieved success.


Not only Education, they are also given equal opportunities to participate in cultural events, Sports, Extra-curricular activities. They are equally treated and supported in every walk of their life.


Special Orientation programs are conducted to these students to enhance their skill, to enable them to adapt to new environment and subjects, to motivate them and to imbibe self-esteem. The guest lectures are arranged for their all-round development.

Hearing impaired students have bagged many prizes in various competitions that was held in college and they clear the exams with flying colors in both PU and Degree College.


Monotony should be broken to rejuvenate the students. The students are taken for a trip every year and they enjoy a lot.

They have been given the opportunities to explore the world outside by involving them to participate in marathon and other suitable activities under the supervision of lecturers and Interpreters. These students had also been to Rajasthan to watch Miss India Deaf and Dumb Competition.


AGI is doing its best by creating Inclusive Education at a very nominal fee for Hearing Impaired Students and carrying out its social responsibilities and serving as a helping hand to these special students.


The Divyangjan Cell is established with the purpose of preventing discrimination and exploitation of differently-abled students.  Sridevi Reddy, motherly person, an Interpreter is the coordinator for the Divyangjan Cell of the college. She takes the utmost care of the students. She coordinates among the students, the faculty and the management. She even arranges donation for the needy students by contacting NGOs. She interprets the speeches of the guests in sign language. She has bagged many awards for her outstanding service to the society at large. Mention must be made of the following awards –

Our HI Interpreter Sridevi madam has many accolades. To name a few, she has been awarded by All India Central Government Deaf Employees Association and Karnataka State Central Government Deaf Employees, Bengaluru.

Rotary Bangalore Garden City has presented the Certification of Appreciation for her dedicated service to the Deaf Community.

Deaf Leaders Foundation has presented Award of Excellence to Mrs. Sridevi Reddy for serving selflessly to the Deaf Society.


All the faculty members other than the interpreters are friendly with the students. They even help the students understand the topics by using the sign language which they know. The notes are given to the students to enable them to answer in exam.


The college management not only helps the students in getting excellent education, but also sees to it that they are placed in the positions suitable to them. Many students, studied in Adarsh College, are employed in the reputed companies.

AGI is one of the best places for DIVYANGJAN students to learn and feel secured and motivated!